Trinity Emergency - 24X7 ER in El Paso

Trinity ER is a freestanding emergency room or freestanding ER in El Paso, Texas. At Trinity ER Emergency Room, we provide you a trustworthy alternative to crowded hospital ER or emergency rooms in El Paso Texas. We strive to offer you quality emergency medical care rooms in El Paso by our 24x7 ER physicians. Trinity ER emergency room offers quality treatment with almost no wait time.

Count on Trinity ER in El Paso TX when you need emergency care and happen to be in the close vicinity of our location at 3022 Trawood Dr. Our Emergency Physicians are available 24X7 to treat conditions ranging from accidental fractures to other life-threatening health emergencies like breathing difficulty, accidental emergency, laceration emergency, abdominal pain, stroke or chest pain emergency, dehydration or severe fever and many others.

For life threatening emergencies, please Call us at 915 855 8550 Ext 2.


High Quality : Focus is quality working with life saving equipment of any hospital based traditional ER. In Texas , freestanding emergency room regulations dictate that freestanding ERs and their ER Physicians should be able to provide the same capabilities and level of care to patients as emergency rooms attached to a hospital.

24X7 Availability : ER physicians and NPs always on site.

Wait Times : In many cases wait times are shorter than hospital ERs.

Transparent Billing : Both insured and uninsured are shielded from overbearing out of pocket costs due to transparency of working and billing.

Please note that freestanding emergency rooms are not the same as urgent care center.......

Freestanding ER VS Urgent Care Centre

Freestanding ER offer distinct benefits over services in urgent care centre to patients seeking emergency care.

Quality Freestanding ER Urgent Care Centre
Licensed by Texas Health Department Yes No
Certified by Texas Health Department Yes No
Regulated by Texas Health Department Yes No
Open 24X7 Yes No
ER Physician always onsite Yes No
24X7 Lab Yes No
24X7 Imaging Services Yes No

Emergency Care

Important: If you are experiencing a life-threatening or a limb-threatening emergency call 911 or go to the nearest ER. Trinity ER is Located at 3022 Trawood El Paso TX

      •  We bill all major private insurance plans Provider billing and Facility billing is separate.
      •  Facility billing will be Out of Network charges for all Health Insurance Plans
      •  Provider Billing May be Out of Network for the Patient's Health Insurance Plan
      •  We are non-contracted with most of major private insurance plans and bill as Out of Network
      •  Currently not working with Medicare, Medicaid, VA, Tricare, Molina (Medicaid)